Parishad and National Reconstruction


Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad channelizes energy and activism of its hundreds and thousands of young students as social critic, social deterrent and social watch dog. ABVP prepares the students to their best, to effectively shoulder these responsibilities and provide a dynamic vibrant & nationalist leadership in all domains of the society. The basic idea is that if thousands and thousands of such social leaders perform their role with lifelong commitment then Bharat will be transformed in to a strong, prosperous, modern, scientific and confident nation occupying her rightful place in the global community.

ABVP will work in the field of education for speeding up the process of National Reconstruction through change in individual students & youths at one hand and change in systems at other hand. The doctrine, vision and philosophy of ABVP is vividly manifested on ground in its programmes & activities and a few aspects which are explicitly felt are given below

  • Working on democratic principles negating any discrimination based on race, caste, birth and gender.
  • Promoting creative and constructive work in social and cultural sectors
  • Spreading political awareness about national politics
  • Strengthening national identity amongst the minds of students
  • Developing a strong sense of Social Equality and Fraternity among the students
  • Acting as a catalyst for educational change
  • Initiating character building of students at individual & personal level
  • Generating strong and fearless campaigns / movements for common good
  • Promoting Systemic Reforms
  • Developing awareness and actions for sustainable development