Think India


Think India – A pan India initiative to bring together the best talents of the country and to infuse in them a ‘Nation First’ attitude, aimed at developing the nationalistic spirit and inspiring young India to be of service to the society. It is a platform for the “Leaders of Tomorrow” where they deliberate on issues of national importance, raise their concerns and offer innovative solutions to the problems faced by India.

Think India felt the need to bind the students with an Indian nationalistic string to harness this part of national treasure in furthering our aim of national reconstruction. Students from IISc, IIMB, NIMHANS and NLSIU joined together to create a joint forum for the students from premier institutes of India in 2006. A formal forum took place at the Art of Living Ashram, Bengaluru in 2007.


1.         Think, design and develop sustainable development strategies for underdeveloped and rural Bharat,

2.         Think and act to meet the environmental, cultural and security needs of Bharat and the World,

3.         Motivate and support the initiatives of the organisations and individuals to inculcate India-centric action, propagation and implementation of thought and designs,

4.         Initiate and sustain India-centric thoughts and activities on campus and among intelligentsia,

5.         Denounce, in thought and action, all forms of terrorism, illegitimate interference in religious and cultural matters and any forces and design, working against our national interest,

6.         Actively oppose any sectarian and narrow-minded activities of fissiparous tendencies and engage ourselves to promote social harmony in every possible way.

7.         Support and uphold the concept of gender justice and promote family values, the unique contribution of Bharat to the world civilization.



ANUBHOOTI - Anubhooti meaning ‘realization’ is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of Social Leaders of the society – Real-Life Role Models – working at the grass-roots. This Social Internship Project of Think India in association with pioneering Social Organisations; aims to bring synergies among students of top-most institutes of India and crusaders working for a social change.


VIDHI - “VIDHI” the Litigation Internship Program of Think India, is a medium for finest Young Law Students to connect and involve them with the diverse network of law practitioners striving for excellence in field of law and contribute in empowering society and citizens. 

VIDHI aims at training and promoting a generation of lawyers and legal practitioners who are socially awakened. The program will help law students in understanding the procedural aspects and knowledge to excel in the profession along with serving the society and the nation.


NITI - “NITI” the Public Policy Internship Program of Think India promotes research by connecting students with the research organisations and Think Tanks based in Delhi, Mumbai & Lucknow. NITI aims at generating policy makers and researchers of tomorrow who will know how to make good policies and analyze the impact of policies on the society.

NITI facilitates research, convergence of ideas, positions and visions that aspire to strengthen the nation and preserve her unity and integrity and contribute towards her progress and integral development.


SANSADIYA - With changing learning patterns, the participation of Students in Legislative Policy Framework has risen. Bills are often put into the public forum for discussions and suggestions. Students in course of their Internship are assisting Members of Parliament on issues which are put forth for discussion in Parliament.

Think India, through SANSADIYA aims at creating a similar learning platform for student community through Internship with Members of Parliament and Ministers for One-Month and assist them with issues like Analysis of Bill, Drafting Questions.


SAMVAD - Media is the fourth pillar in any democracy and journalists in today's age of information play a vital role in being the voice of those who go unheard. Confidence, commitment to truth & attention to detail are the qualities that journalists are required to possess. In a young aspirational nation like ours, it is the need of the hour to produce journalists who believe in fearless reporting.

Hence, the aim to provide a holistic journalism experience to young students along with, industry guidance.

SHURUAT - For the economic growth of any country, Start-Ups pay a very vital role. They not only enhance the economic prosperity of a country but are a major source of job creation. In a developing country like India, which is poised to be in the top economies of the world, Start-Ups will play a significant role in wealth creation.

To help young innovators and entrepreneurs, Think India will have it is the first ever StartUp Internship program where students will be able to work and interact with successful Start-Ups across the country. This internship will help the interns understand the complexities of opening a Start-Up, the government support, fundraising; tax liabilities are other issues that Start-Ups in India face & how they overcome these hurdles to becomes a successful business entity.


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