Work Philosophy

The central point of ABVP’s organizational endeavors is ‘National Reconstruction’. Work of ABVP is to generate, in the education sector, a powerful national movement in the wider perspective of national re-constructions. The vision, bearings and nature of work of ABVP are based on these fundamental doctrines.

  • The Concept of Educational Family - Educational family, we believe, comprises of student, teacher, educationist and educational administrator. Students are at the center of this family but teachers are the natural guardians of the family.
  • Constructive Approach - Being in an independent nation and working for national reconstruction, our approach has to be essentially creative & constructive and not at all destructive. Two basic guiding principles of our creative and constructive approach are:
    • First Person Point-of-view – It means whatever we think and wish, we should implement on ourselves first.
    • Sense of Duty - Inspires us to make honest contribution to the society & nation and deem it our natural duty.
  • Keeping above Partisan Politics -  We believe that though role of government and political parties are important, permanent sustainable change will come through social transformation and thus activities of ABVP should be above partisan politics.
  • Student is not a citizen of tomorrow but a citizen of today - In most circumstances students are termed and addressed as future leaders, tomorrows leaders, etc. But ABVP considers them as today's citizen which brings in some responsibility for which ABVP trains and provides a platform.